Chapter I

A Road Less Travelled, A Man Less Murdered

The trio set out on the Low Road towards Hallowhall, a journey that took weeks on foot. Early on they found themselves being stalked by kobold scouts, which they quickly dispatched, and wondered what would drive them to follow so far above ground. As they moved further south, they came to the clear blue coast, miles of perfect sand washed gently by sapphire seas, the first time these northern villagers have ever seen the ocean. Making camp on the beach, they also find a bottle of some mysterious draught that imbues an instant “uplifting” effect. Thunce also attempts to scientifically determine the effect of the secret seed pods by washing down a half dozen seeds. Driven mad by its psychedelic effects, Baldor watched on with great amusement at Thunce exhausted himself with mad ravings and passed out. Upon waking up, they found their equipment had been rummaged through, but nothing missing and no evidence of tracks in the sand.

Further down the road, the trio are confronted by what appear to be Imperial soldiers, but their appearance and demands of road tolls lead them to believe their true nature to be robbers, thugs and thieves. An epic battle rages between the two groups along the sea cliffside, that sees fates twist to and fro as men dangle from the cliffside only to fight back, and in turn push their foe towards the perilous edge. By the battle’s end, Baldor is critically injured from a fall down the cliff, but all the highwaymen are similarly dispatched, leaving a trail of broken bodies all over the road. Inspecting the caravan, Thunce found chests of copper pieces, likely soldier wages being shipped to the front lines. He obviously robbed the chests, and then destroyed the evidence of wrong doing by pushing the remains of the cart off the cliff.



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