Chapter I

My Kingdom For A Tooth

The duo backtrack before finding a chamber of more prisoners. Somewhere along the way Baldor finds bedding where the kobolds sleep, and tosses it into a nearby cooking fire, filling the chamber with oily smoke. Ignoring the prisoners’ plight, they murder a dozen more kobolds, butchering them with the intensity of a fat child eating sugared rolls, and burst into a great hall, surprising another dozen kobolds and their leader, a big kobold standing near five and half feet tall, grinning savagely with the glint of a ruby shining between his dog-lizard lips.

The ensuing battle leaves the entire chamber covered in blood and gore, with kobold remains staining every nook and cranny. The duo inspect an enormous cube of ooze that seems to have been deposited from a hole in the ceiling, and hack away at it, expertly avoiding the prisoner trapped within: Pip. Happily reunited, the trio rob the corpses of the kobolds, and Thunce finds a smooth jade gem, an inky moonstone, and removes the glittery ruby tooth from the body of the kobold leader. The three spleunkers then backtrack to rescue the prisoners within, before returning to Riverroar, where they’re greeted as minor heroes by the townspeople, and by Jonn himself, who concerns himself greatly with the mutilated old man.



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