Chapter I

Something Fishy

The trio explore the fishing village of Riverroar, named for its scenic setting alongside a river, and in haggard condition, with equal parts smelling of fish and charred oak of the many burned buildings. Immediately deciding to explore the various taverns in search of “clues”, they come to a gentleman’s inn, The Salty Maiden, and while Baldor explores various aspects of dwarf/human intimacy with one of the many salty occupants, Thunce questions a man he is told to be on Riverroar’s council. Initially hostile to the outsider, the councilor warms to him after Thunce saves his life in a bold raid on the town by kobolds, small blue-grey creatures that look and smell halfway between a lizard and a dog. The inn could not be saved, but the councilor introduces himself as Jonn, and asks the travellers to meet him after dark at his home.



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