Chapter I

An Unexpected Pippen

While wandering lost, Thunce and Baldor are happened upon by a noble Imperial knight and his squire. Before they’re able to get a sense of the knight’s purpose, he is slain by a wild beast, a humanoid raging hulk wielding spear and axe. Thunce and Baldor set upon it, dispatching it with raw bloodlust. Discovering the knight dead already, the young squire introduces himself as Pippen “Pip” Pipplemeister, and unfortunately named and unfortunately unlucky son of a minor noble. Thunce and Baldor attempt to rob the corpse of the knight, Knight-Commander Lord Benwald Hallow, but magical traps in his armour reduce his body and horse to a bubbling mass of flesh. Pip suggests with the battle lost to regroup with the command post, or to return Lord Ben’s last unmolested artifact, his golden greatsword, to his family at Hallowhall. Not wishing to return to military command, the three set out south to find the Low Road, a highway that cuts along the southern shore, and eventually come to the small trading and fishing village of Riverroar.



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